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Clan Owlbear

DJ Poot, Oct 29, 10 5:21 PM.
Due to a lack of interest I am going to put clan owlbear on indefinite hiatus.

We will be continuing the game of Vampire the Requiem that was started here during geekfest.  At this point the meeting time and place is Tuesday night 8pm on skype.  The players so far are Brian, Lisa, Trev, and Donna.  If you are interested in joining us please let Ryan or I know before tuesday.  No experience is necessary.  Ryan will be providing characters but  if you want something custom get ahold of him BEFORE game day.

October 24

DJ Poot, Oct 23, 10 9:33 PM.
No game this week.  The logistics just aren't working out.

Also... we need to sit down and seriously discuss whether we are going to continue playing this game or not.  I am sensing a lack of interest so if you guys arent into it, I'm not going to bother running it.

If we do continue we will have a new player joining us.  We also need to talk about maybe moving the game day/time to something that works better for all.  Ryan always works Sundays so can't stick around.  Brian and Will usually have to go to bed early for work the next day.  Is there another day that works better for you all?

Sunday 8/29

DJ Poot, Aug 28, 10 5:08 PM.
The trail from Mordrid's to Barrow is now a well worn road.  On your way to Mordrid's you pass several mercenary types and a group of Barbarians.  You see a pack of goblins but they move off the road and avoid you.  They are all used to seeing merc's come and go between Barrow and the Keep so they give you no problems unless you pick a fight with them.  You're all here for the same reason right?  Yep, the money and Mordrid pays well.


Go ahead and start leveling up your characters.  Let me know if you have any questions, need help, or want me to do it for you.  Also... if you want to ditch your current character and go with a new one... now is the time to switch out.

Mitch has shipped out and is in Afghanistan now.  I will be running one on one adventures with him through email.  The current plan is to post his adventures here so keep an eye on the "stories" section or the Characters section... he may blog it.  Feel free to do the same with your characters.  it is fun to see events through other character's eyes.

See you all sunday at 8 if not before.


DJ Poot, Aug 18, 10 1:55 AM.

 ok.. i'm tired of fucking with potions... blanket decision time! in donna's dnd world potions come in glass containers shaped like pepsi cans.
done deal... Final...
so if you need to figure out how many you can carry... think 4x2x2"


DJ Poot, Aug 15, 10 3:36 PM.

The two remaining sailors take the large sacks off their dead shipmates and fill them with platinum, gold, and any gems you all have discarded.  They struggle with the load but move no slower than the over burdoned Gnoll.  When you all finally reach the jungle outside the temple, they cut two sapling poles, tie the sacks of treasure on them and carry the load between them.  You move as fast as you can toward the beach though that isn’t very fast considering the weight you are carrying.  Harsh shrieks and whistles makes your hair stand up and the Naga hurries you along, telling you they are carnivorous apes.  He and Bait had a run in with them while they were looking for the rest of the party after the attack by the cannibles.


You finally reach the beach, exhausted, and collapse onto the warm sand.  One of the sailors signals the Travair.  You notice there is a second ship in the bay, taking a protective position along side the Travair.  The Travair signals back and two long boats are lowed over the side.  One long boat full of sailors is lowered from the second ship and joins the two from the Travair.  The giant hamster comes out of the jungle as the boats pull up onto the sand.  The sailors from the second ship spread out protectively while the sailors from the Travair start loading your gear into the long boats.  A cloaked figure from the second ship stays among the protectors.  None of the crew from the second ship make threatening moves toward you or even attempt to go near the treasure.  They don’t want to make a second trip so you and all your gear and treasure is crammed into the two long boats.  The longboats sit low in the water but you make it to the Travair without a problem.  As you get closer you can see the second ship is very similar to the Travair, though perhaps a tiny bit smaller and streamlined.  Her name appears to be the Sea Star.  The longboat from the second ship pulls up along side the Travair and the cloaked figure seems to levitate up onto deck.  The longboat returns to the Sea Star and both ships make ready to sail.


The two surviving sailors stack the treasure they returned with on the foredeck and present it to the captain and the crew.  They all seem pleased.  When the captain asks what happened to the rest of the sailors that went ashore, the two tell the story of the cannibal attack, the yugloth attack, which your party handled admirably, and then the tragedy of the fall.  Apparently one of the support spikes gave way and they all fell.  The treasure is moved to the lock box and the ship gets underway.

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